Washing Care

Compared to Adults’ clothes, Children’s clothes are much easier to be dirty as children seem to be attracted to the dirtiest activities, like playing in the grass field, rolling on the playground, and splashing in the rain. While you get to happily watch them play, you might not be so happy about the laundry you are left with. Luckily, washing your children’s clothes can be an easy and efficient task when you know how to sort them and how to wash them once they’re sorted. Following the washing care instructions will help make your children’s clothes shine longer!




  • Check the labels on the clothing. Generally, there will be a label that explains how the item should be washed the best.
  • Sort clothes into ‘colors’ and ‘whites or lights’ piles. In order to keep the clothes from bleeding on each other in the wash, they have to be sorted by colors.
  • Pre-treat any stains you find.
    • Use hydrogen peroxide to get blood out of clothes
    • Use a detergent rub or stain stick for mud, dirt, grass, food, or juice stains


  1. Use Cold, Cool, or Warm water, please DO NOT use hot water except pure white clothes.
  2. Before first wear, please hand wash with mild detergent.
  3. Wash with like color clothing to avoid color transfer.
  4. Use a laundry bag to protect me against rumbles and tumbles in the washer.
  5. For Tulle Dresses & Lace Dresses, please hand wash gently with mild detergent.
  6. Choose a mild detergent made just for children, especially for sensitive skin.
  7. Figure out how you should dry the clothes. Add dryer sheets if so desired.

Last but not least, after you have successfully washed and dried your child’s clothes, you can fold them or hang them up. If they are fancy clothes that you would like to keep from getting wrinkled, please hang these items.