Why our customers love us

Lauren Joel (United Kingdom)
Shopping at Sunji Mise was by far my best experience ever! In fact, I am not a person who likes to buy clothes for children online, because the entire shopping process of many websites is very troublesome, and there are a lot of misleading and invisible consumptions behind like shipping fees, sometimes, the size guide is not clearly marked too. My mind has been changed when I first visited Sunji Mise that introduced by my cousin, I found buying clothes for children online can be so easy! The best part is, Sunji Mise offers free shipping for every item on their website and there is no minimum purchase required. To me, this is very very important. So far I have bought 3 times from Sunji Mise and they never failed me! Therefore, I strongly recommend Sunji Mise to every parent who needs a new look for your kid!

Why our customers love us

Vanessa Lim (Singapore)
Sunji Mise is a trust-worthy kids clothes online shop that I strongly recommend to every one out there! I appreciate the warmest and patient customer service, their high quality and comfy clothing have made my daughter very happy! It’s already earned a permanent first go-to store in my list whenever I need to get a new piece of apparel for my little one's wardrobe. As a working mom, I always shop the highest quality-cost ratio products for my kids online. Once again, thank you Sunji Mise team!

Why our customers love us

Roland Miller (United States)
As a father of two kids, this is one of the best online stores that I would recommend to all parents friends who probably see my positive reviews here! I was impressed not only by the quality apparel products with affordable prices, but also the helpful customer service. I will definitely spread words to my friends as well! Thank you Sunji Mise team! You did a fantastic work for managing your store!


As loving parents, we always wish to give the best to our children. Among such needs are children’s clothes. Yes! Even when we buy kid’s clothes online, we are always seeking the best quality for our children.

Aside from protection from cold and heat, we want our children’s clothes to be of the latest kids’ fashion and also comfortable to wear. We do not simply want our kids to have clothes to wear, we want to make sure that their clothes and accessories follow the trends in kids’ fashion in Singapore.

This demand for trendy, comfortable, and fashionable kids’ clothes in Singapore led us to further our service as a kids’ fashion online shop.

SUNJI MISE is a leading online supplier of all types of children’s clothing in Singapore. Browse through our pages to see the latest and most stylish selections of boys’ tops, shirts, pants, and shorts. We also have cute and pretty girls’ dresses, pants, tops, shorts, and accessories. Whatever kids’ fashion needs you are looking for, you can find them here at SUNJI MISE!

With our best kids’ fashion wear, your kids will definitely feel special! Buy kid’s clothes online here at SUNJI MISE to guarantee a hassle-free shopping experience along with quality finds.

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