How to Choose the Right Size?

Choosing the right size for children can be a tough task for most of the parents out there, we know that because we're parents too! At SUNJIMISE Kids Fashion, we adopt an unique size guide for parents to easily choose the right size for the little ones simply based on the children's height and weight.


  1. Based on the height of your child, please refer to the "Suggested height" in the size guide and choose the corresponding size first.
  2. Check if your child's weight is also within the "Suggested Weight" range.
  3. If your child's height and weight are all within the range, please choose the corresponding size
  4. (optional) If your child's weight is beyond the range, please choose a size bigger.


If a child is 92cm (height) and 11kg (weight), size 90 is the right size for him/her.
If a child is 92cm (height) and 13kg (weight), size 100 is the right size for him/her.

To ensure the perfect fit, we recommend measuring your child's height/weight once again before placing the order as children are growing so fast. If your child's height or weigt is between sizes, we recommend sizing up for a more comfortable fit.

Size Guide

If you need detailed measurements, please refer to the "Size Information" in the product description portion.

Alternatively, please feel free to contact our customer support team via live chat or E-mail. We are here to help!