ShopBack PayLater Instalment

Pay in 3 monthly instalments with ShopBack PayLater for the clothing you need for your little one. No interest. No hidden fees.

How does it work?



Select the clothes you want and add them into cart. No processing fees, credit checks, or waiting time.



Use ShopBack PayLater as your payment option and we will help you divide the total amount into three interest-free monthly payments.



Share some basic info of yourself and add your debit or credit card details for payment. The first instalment will be deducted upon checkout.

How does it look like?

Step 1

At checkout page, use ShopBack PayLater as your payment option.

Click "Continue to ShopBack" to proceed.

Step 2

We will help you divide the total amount into three interest-free monthly instalments.

Scan QR code to pay using ShopBack APP.

Step 3

Once you opened the ShopBack APP, click "Apply Promo" if you have promo with the APP.

If you don't have any promo, please ingore this option and proceed to Swipe to Pay.

Step 4

Click "Apply Now" to redeem your promo.

Step 5

This is a summary of your three interest-free instalments, as you can see, the total amount and the three instalments have been updated after you redeemed the Promo. If you have additional promo given by ShopBack APP, it will also be in this summary page.

Now it's all set! Click "Swipe to Pay" to complete the payment.

Final Step

Once the payment is successful, a summary of your payment will be shown again here.

You will then receive an Order Confirmation Email within seconds.

Start your interest-free instalments shopping experience, Today!

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If you would like to find out more details about ShopBack PayLater Instalment program, please click HERE.