Stylish pants designs for pre-teen girls in Singapore

Stylish pants designs for pre-teen girls in Singapore

Pre-teen girls, also known as tweens, are in the tricky ages of 9 to 12, transitioning from children into adolescents. During this time, girls often begin to explore their interests, passions, as well as how to best express themselves through their clothes, hairstyles, and accessories. As a parent, you play an important role through your daughter’s pre-teen years, in helping her to find clothes that she feels comfortable in and confident about.

Whilst skirts can bring out your daughter’s feminine side, pants are a stylish and versatile piece for any occasion - be it an outdoor cycling adventure or a laid-back lounge at a friend’s home. Ultimately, it's all about what she feels most comfortable in. So, here are some chic pant designs to inspire a confident style for your pre-teen girl!

Girl Wearing Pants

#1 Culottes

Culottes are voluminous, with loose-fitting pant legs that give the illusion of being a skirt - which is why they are also sometimes known as pant skirts. The hemline often lies in the middle of the knee and ankle, making them a supremely comfortable fit for all occasions.

Kids Clothing Sets - Gray Shirt and White Culottes

As culottes are offered in a range of styles - especially when you shop girls clothes online, your pre-teen can flaunt a casual fit by choosing soft fabrics and pairing the culottes with a simple t-shirt. Or, she can also go for culottes with more structured cotton fabrics and elegant pleating details. You can even style up the overall look with a collared blouse, turtleneck, or fitting long-sleeved top.

Kid girls Online - Pink Tops & Blue Culottes

#2 Harem pants

Harem pants are baggy and gather at the ankles with elastic bands. Although teen or adult harem pants often include a low crotch, tween designs avoid having loose fabrics that might get easily caught on other items. These bottoms are a casual fit and, at the same time, can be styled with bright colored or patterned tops as a fun way to express a girl’s shining personality.

Kids Stripe Top and Gray Harem Pants

#3 Suspenders

A classic denim suspender piece comes with sleeves that are attached to the front with buttons, as well as a bib and pockets - a timeless and effortless design for girls to put together as a two-piece outfit. For the coolest styles amidst Singapore’s heat, pre-teen girls can match suspenders with a sleeveless tank, cotton t-shirt, or cropped top. Or you can also pair the dungarees with a long-sleeve top such as the Girl Kids Patchwork Flare Stripe Sleeves Blouse for a dressier look on cooler days.

Kid Girls Clothes - Blue Suspender

Jumpsuits are another suspender style that is elegant and alluring, as compared to the more rugged and boyish look of denim dungarees. Girls can wear these jumpsuits as a one-piece, or layered over a casual top as a two-piece outfit.

Kids Girls Gray and Blue Jumpsuit Pants

#4 Denim

Denim pants are the most versatile and a must-have item in every tween girl’s wardrobe. It doesn’t matter whether straight, loose, or wide jeans styles - denim bottoms make an easy throw-on outfit for a casual trip to the mall or a playful get-together with the best girlfriends.

Kid Girls Denim Pants

Dark washed and long-hemmed jeans, especially when worn together with a dark colored top, give a more structured look. On the other hand, ripped or light-toned jeans make a relaxed outfit that brings together both comfort and style. Our Baggy Fit Ripped Jeans with Rollup Hem is a unique twist on classic denim, introducing bright, neon orange designs for a street-style vibe.

Kid Girls Pants Online

Even with so many pant styles available for girls in Singapore, it can still be a challenge for your pre-teen to find a look that she loves. To help her figure out her most confident style, you can scroll fashion blogs or draw inspiration from Pinterest boards together - even browse girls clothes online for an overview of various designs at one glance.

Kid Girls Yellow Clothing Sets

It’s also normal for a pre-teen to hate thinking about what to wear or flip through an entire wardrobe full of clothes without being able to find any two items to match. To make choosing daily outfits quick and easy, you can consider introducing matching two-piece sets to your daughter’s wardrobe. As two-piece sets are designed to be paired as a single outfit, she won’t have to worry about how to piece top and bottom together. Our Two Pieces Cotton Vest and Flared Pants Set, for instance, is available in a range of vibrant colors like light blue, pastel pink, brick red, and mustard yellow - she can have her pick of colors for any everyday outfit!

All in all, whilst it is good to let a pre-teen explore her own styles, parents can still guide their daughters along. The best thing you can do is to encourage her in the outfits that she picks, but also be there to offer her help or gentle advice when she needs it.

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