Latest Fashion Styles For Your Kids This 2022

Latest Fashion Styles For Your Kids This 2022

Growing up, our parents used to dress us up in cute tutu dresses, or stylish suits with little bowties. Now that you’re a parent, you would love to style your children in trendy children’s fashion and take lots of photographs for keepsake. However, what exactly qualifies as “trendy” in kid’s fashion in Singapore?

Fashion has evolved tremendously, and even today's children are obsessed with fashion trends. While children's fashion used to be divided into clothes for girls and clothes for boys, years have passed and children are now free to wear whatever they want without regard for gender stereotypes.

Take a look at our compiled list of the latest kid's fashion trends in Singapore before you bring your kids shopping around kid's fashion stores looking for the most fashionable collections. With this guide, your children will be able to look like the next top Instagram influencers.

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Denim Clothes Online for Children by SUNJIMISE

Color Trends

When shopping for your children’s clothes, you have a plethora of colors to choose from. Scientists have discovered that there are approximately 10 million different colors we can see, which simply means that children’s clothing can be manufactured in that many colors. That, of course, would be a stretch, but you can’t deny that every kid’s fashion store is brimming with colorful clothing. How do you then make your selection when there’s so much to choose from?

To give you a helping hand, some of the trending colors in kid’s fashion in 2021 are coral, blue, yellow, bright red, mint, grey and various shades of green. These are vibrant colors you won’t easily find in adult fashion.

For girls, consider colors such as dark blue, green, shades of burgundy, plum and purple. Think that the colors are a tad too dark? You can then balance the dark hues with pastel colors such as peach, white, beige, lilac and pink.

For boys, combine two to three colors such as brown, grey, or black, with light pastel colors such as white, pale yellow, pink and lilac to create contrast.

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Color Palette for Kids Clothes

With the boundaries of colors between kid’s fashion for boys and girls blurred, fashion designers are producing an increasing amount of unisex clothing options in a wide array of colors. Boy’s clothing can now be found in a multitude of colors instead of just blue, black and white, whilst girl’s clothing can now be found in colors that used to be seen as “masculine”.

Apart from the abovementioned colors, you can even consider styling your children in other shades that aren’t in trend.

Texture Trends

Natural textiles such as cotton, linen and jersey knit fabric are always in demand. They are materials comfortable for children to wear and easy to maintain compared to many other fabric options, which is why they are always the preferred choice of material for kid’s fashion.

Other textiles that are in trend this year include jerseys, tulle, metallic fabric, velvet, satin, lace, and clothing with sequins.

One key thing to take into consideration when shopping for clothes for your children’s wardrobe is their comfort. No matter how stylish an outfit looks, if your child is uncomfortable in it, they will either refuse to wear it or attempt to remove it, damaging the clothes in the process; not quite the sight you’d like to see.

One textile that will never go out of trend is denim, whether it’s denim jeans, jackets, or dresses, denim is a timeless piece of clothing that your child will always look fashionable in.

Pattern Trends

Cartoon character prints are the most common designs in children's clothing. Letterings and animal prints, on the other hand, are popular in 2021. Many t-shirts, such as polo tees, are printed with a variety of designs and styles, and animal prints, such as leopard and zebra prints, are popular prints found in baby's outfits.

Cute Animal Clothes for Babies

For toddlers and older, patchwork is also in trend. It is a type of needlework in which pieces of fabric are sewn together to form a larger design. Patchwork denim jeans are trending in adult fashion due to their vintage and retro vibe, you can consider getting your children something similar to pair with a solid-colored top to recreate the 90’s look.

Other prints to consider include floral and geometric patterns, which never go out of style and will work wonders in making your children look fashionable.

No matter what your children wear, they will always look adorable to you. What matters most is their happiness and comfort. Don’t fret too much over kid’s fashion trends and focus on getting clothes your children will really like.

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