Casual, Outdoor Fashion Outfits for Kids in Singapore

Casual, Outdoor Fashion Outfits for Kids in Singapore

Our kids enjoy going outside to have fun, and we can make this outing a lot more comfortable for them by dressing them appropriately. Even in our tropical heat, we don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style when getting our little ones dressed. The variety of clothing styles available in kids fashion, as well as the amount of thought that goes into designing children's fashion items, allow you to help them look fashionable while remaining cool and comfortable.  Here are some outdoor fashion outfits you can try styling.

Casual, Outdoor Fashion Outfits for Kids in Singapore

1. Family Matching Outfits

Styling your entire family in one color scheme or design theme is the easiest way to look good, cute and stylish. You get to rock your outfits as a family without having to spend lots of time coordinating. Some kids fashion stores in Singapore carry a range of family matching outfits from which to choose.

For a fun picnic at the beach, consider getting this lively lemon print set to stay cool and look good at the same time.

If you prefer something less vibrant and more suitable even for indoor shopping trips, check out this set of sage green, striped tops and lace flutter-sleeve dresses.

2. T-Shirts & Long Flowy Skirts

We always assume that the best outdoor outfit is a short-sleeved t-shirt paired with shorts or a short skirt. However, you can still achieve great style while staying cool even with a pair of long flowy skirt. There are many different types of skirts for girls, and you don’t have to limit your kids to short skirts to stay cool.

Long, lightweight and flowy skirts are ideal for outdoor activities. Because of their length, they can provide coverage, they don’t fly up easily, exposing your kid even when in strong winds, and they don’t impede movement or trap heat.

T-Shirts & Long Flowy Skirts for girls

For an effortless and casual look, loosely tuck a colored t-shirt in a long, white skirt with a pair of sneakers, or create a more polished look with a white t-shirt and colored ruched maxi skirt.

3. Cardigan, Sleeveless Tops & Short Denim Skirts

Sometimes, you may bring your kids out for some outdoor activities before heading indoors for food. In times like these, a cardigan will come in handy. Cardigans come in a variety of thicknesses. Many kids cardigans in Singapore are made of very lightweight and thin material, making them suitable for wearing even while your kids are out and about in the sun.

cool kid fashion outfits

A summer cardigan is one way to keep your child cool without exposing too much of their skin to the sun's harmful UV rays. Wear it with a sleeveless top and a pair of short denim skirt, and your child is ready to go.

4. T-Shirts & Jogger Pants

Running around outside can lead to falls and scratches, which can be avoided if your kids are properly clothed. Instead of dressing your kids in shorts, consider styling them in jogger pants that will allow them to move more freely without the risk of grazing their knees (in the event that they do fall over).

T-Shirts & Jogger Pants kid fashion

Rather than tucking in your kids’ t-shirts like what most parents do, try styling them in an oversized t-shirt paired with a pair of baggy jogger pants for a streetwear look. They can even wear the oversized t-shirts for more years compared to fitted tops.

5. Basketball Vest & Breathable Shorts

Basketball Vest & Breathable Shorts Kids fashion

Clothing designed for sporty activities is always the ideal option. A basketball vest will not trap heat and make moving around uncomfortable for your kid. You can choose to style it with a pair of breathable shorts or layer the basketball vest over a plain short-sleeved t-shirt for a more complete look.

There are plenty of ways to style your kids such that they can stay comfortable in the heat while looking like Singapore’s next top model. Not sure where to buy kids’ clothes in Singapore? SUNJIMISE Kids Fashion is an online kids fashion store that carries a wide range of kids' clothing suitable for all sorts of weather. Snag the trendiest outfits today!

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