5 tips for styling your child's everyday outfits

5 tips for styling your child's everyday outfits

The fashion scene in Singapore is constantly evolving, not just for adult fashion, but even children’s fashion. The way we style our children and the designs of children’s clothing have changed significantly over the years; from adorable children’s dresses and suits to mini versions of adult fashion.

Styling your child can be quite a task especially for busy parents who may not have the time to browse through children’s fashion magazines and online catalogs. If you need some tips on how to dress your child and where to buy kids clothes online, here are 5 easy tips for styling and setting up your child’s everyday wardrobe.

5 Tips for Styling your Child's Outfit

1. Comfort is key

Unlike adults, children have almost zero tolerance towards any form of discomfort. It could be a tight-fitting top or a little itch, and they would be tugging at their clothes, wanting to take it off immediately.

When your child feels uncomfortable, it could cause them to have trouble focusing at school, and even frustrate them to the point where they start throwing a fit.

In order to prevent such cases from happening, you should pay attention to the material of the clothes you purchase, as well as how it fits on your child regardless of whether it’s a pair of pants, dress, or skirt and top for kids.

When getting your child to try clothes on, get them to jump, bend, run in place and move around. Taking a few minutes to do this can determine whether the clothes fit and how comfortable your child is with the clothes. On top of that, touch and feel the clothes to check if there are prickly or rough materials that can cause discomfort.

When buying a skirt for girls, or a dress for girls, take into consideration the length of the skirt and dress. You wouldn’t want your daughter to expose themselves as they play and run around.

2. Match their personality

Make sure that the clothes you pick out for your child match their personality. If your child is one who loves running about, then a pair of t-shirt and shorts would match them. However, if your child enjoys dressing up and looking pretty, you can consider getting a dress for girls or a skirt and shirt for girls.

Getting clothes that reflect your child’s personality can help them be more comfortable.

3. Get their input

Shopping Clothes Together

While it may be easier for you to make decisions and dress your child as you see fit, getting your child's input when helping them get dressed is only beneficial.

Giving them two options and allowing them to choose between the two is a good way to get them started. Allowing them to make their own decisions boosts their confidence, allows them to discover their own sense of style, and helps them develop their sense of identity. This will also give you an idea of what your child likes, which will make future shopping easier.

As they grow older, bring them along to shop for their clothes, give them a few pre-selected options to choose from, and allow them to branch out to other styles even if they are not something you would choose. Nicely ask your child why they made that choice and make an effort to understand what influenced their style.

Boys and girls two-piece outfits are a good choice if you want to keep things simple for them. Otherwise, choose two pairs of pants and shirts for boys, or two pairs of skirts and shirts for girls, then hold them up for your child to pick from.

4. Timeless styles

Styles and trends change, but some remain timeless. Basic shorts, a skirt and top for kids, as well as denim are all examples of safe clothing styles. A plain shirt or a pair of jeans will always be stylish. Getting such pieces of clothing for your child will make styling them a walk in the park.

5. Follow the latest trends

The best way to look for styling inspiration is to browse through the internet. It is a trustworthy source for the latest children’s fashion trends. For styling tips, look at children’s fashion magazines, apps such as Pinterest, or even follow popular children's social media and pay attention to how they style certain clothing items, such as skirts for girls or shirts for boys.

When all else fails and you’ve run out of ideas, the easiest way out is to get boys or girls two-piece outfits, they have been pre-styled for you and all you need to do is make sure that your set doesn’t go missing.

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