4 Ways To Get Your Kids Dressed Quickly

4 Ways To Get Your Kids Dressed Quickly

Do you struggle to get your kids dressed in the morning? This is a common issue that many parents face with their kids on a daily basis. Kids dislike getting dressed, either because they find it a chore or because they dislike the way certain clothes feel on them. We've compiled a list of ways to make dressing up fun for your kids to help make getting your kids dressed easier every morning.

Father helping his daughter to get dressed

1. Give Them a Choice

While babies do not have a say in what they wear, by the time they reach their toddler years, they will want to exert control over whatever they can. From the food they eat to the clothes they want to wear, kids generally like to have a say in a variety of decisions that may seem insignificant to adults.

Allowing your children to choose what they want to wear at this age is a good idea. Instead of allowing them to choose their outfit from a full wardrobe, narrow it down to two options and let them pick from there. It's as easy as asking your kids, "Would you like to wear your button-down shirt or a polka dot shirt?" Giving them the opportunity to make their own decision reduces the likelihood of them becoming upset.

On top of that, allow your child to develop their own style and discover their preferences too. You may prefer wearing a t-shirt and jeans because they are simple and classic, but your daughter may like wearing a skirt and shirt for girls more because it makes her feel like a princess. Giving them the freedom to choose what they want to wear shows them that you value their opinion.

2. Practice & Practice

Kids love being able to take charge of their everyday life, so instead of simply allowing them to make their own decisions, let them practise putting on their own clothes too. The majority of children can handle the basics, such as putting on their pants or throwing on a t-shirt. In fact, many children enjoy doing these things on their own and would prefer to try getting dressed without your help.
Even if it takes you 10 minutes to get your children to dress themselves, it will make them feel more confident and competent, doing these tasks themselves will also help to train their motor skills.

Begin with simple dressing tasks, such as allowing them to put on their own pants or skirt and shirt, but give them a hand when it comes to trickier tasks, such as buttoning your kid’s button-down shirt, and help them understand why you're assisting them.

3. Turn it into a Game

Your kids don’t understand the importance of getting dressed quickly. They would much rather spend the time playing.

If that's the case, why not make dressing up a game for them? It could be in the form of a race with a small prize at the end, such as ice cream, or you could make it appear as if you're constantly having a dress-up party. You will notice that your child will begin to enjoy the process more. They may even take the initiative to get dressed without your prompting.

4. Plan the Night Before

Getting your child dressed can take a long time, so why not shorten the process by planning their outfit the night before? Picking out the next day's outfit with your child before bedtime makes them eager to get dressed, especially if they chose the outfit themselves. This way, the time you used to spend searching for your kid’s outfit in the morning can be spent doing something else.

With these tips, getting your kid to change into their outfit for the day will be a walk in the park.

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