Colour Ideas For Styling Your Kids

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Colours add vibrancy to our daily lives and are also important elements in a child’s life. According to research, babies as young as four months old have their own preferences for colours. 

Kids start learning about colours between the ages of two and five before developing individual preferences for their favourite and least favourite colours. 

Colours teach kids a certain way of life, send them subliminal messages about their surroundings and can even help your kid to express themselves more effectively. The clothes that you put on your kids are one of the most important aspects of their daily lives influenced by colours. With numerous colour options in kids fashion, how do you create the perfect colour combination every day? 

Perfect Gender-Neutral Colours 

As parents seek more gender-neutral clothing items for their children, more and more kid’s fashion pieces are being designed in gender-neutral colours. This is due to the fact that parents no longer believe that girls should wear pink and boys should wear blue.

The colours yellow and green stand out as the most lively gender-neutral colours. They represent joy, new life and look great regardless of the child’s gender or age. 

Aside from yellow and green, another colour you cannot go wrong with is white, although it is technically not considered a colour. Not only does it represent purity and innocence, but it is also a colour that helps to reflect light and keep your child feeling cool. A good alternative to white is cream. 

Earthy tones such as sage, olive, and brown are also great gender-neutral colours to incorporate into your child’s wardrobe. These shades are extremely easy to match; not only do they complement one another well, but they also pair well with other popular earth tone boys’ and girls’ clothes available online today. 

Dark Colours

Dark colours are typically not popular in kids fashion because kids prefer to look flashy and colourful. However, there are times when you need your child to appear quiet and decent, such as at a wedding or funeral. In this case, colours such as navy blue and dark brown can be added to their outfit. These are easy-to-match colours that contain just a hint of colour for you and your kids to be comfortable with. 

Pairing Colours


Pairing Colours for Kids Fashion


Colour theory should be applied when you’re matching colours for the perfect outfit. It is both the science and art of using colour. Colours are organised on a colour wheel into three categories: primary, secondary and tertiary colours. 

The primary colours are red, yellow and blue.

Secondary colours are formed when primary colours are mixed, such as green, orange, and purple. 

Tertiary colours are those created by combining primary and secondary colours, such as blue-green or red-violet. Here’s how you can use colour theory to pair clothing colours. 

1. Analogous Colours

Analogous colours are those situated right next to each other on the colour wheel. They are easy to match because they share a common hue. Using this colour scheme means choosing colours to create something like a monochromatic look. For example, blue and teal. 

2. Complementary Colours

Complementary colours are those that lie opposite to each other on the colour wheel. Although it might seem weird to some, this colour scheme creates a beautiful and bold colour combination, such as yellow and violet. Such colour combinations are also common in kids fashion

3. Mix Neutral Colours

Neutral colours are the most versatile, they can be paired with the brightest and boldest colours on the colour wheel as well as the darkest and dullest. This includes colours such a beige and black, or black and white. 

Kids fashion is easy to grasp because nobody will judge your kids for being poorly dressed. Kids fashion is also known for being vibrant and bold, which kids should be allowed to wear proudly until societal norms begin to affect them as they grow older. 

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