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How to mix and match kids’ outfits for an adorable style

Even with stacks of cute clothes in your kids’ wardrobe, it can still be a challenge to put together a fun outfit in the rush of the morning. Sometimes, the different pieces just don’t seem to go together or are not a satisfactory combination for reflecting your little one’s bright and vibrant personality. Getting your kids’ clothes to match is easy when you use our tips the next time you’re browsing kids fashion online or in stores - but more than that, we share how you can truly turn your child’s outfits into a blend of fun and functional!

Kids Fashion at SUNJI MISE

#1 Stock up on staples

Some items in the wardrobe are more easily paired with others and make comfortable everyday wear - these are the staple pieces in your child’s wardrobe. Jeans, for instance, are an essential piece that is great for any occasion. You can style it up with a beautiful collared shirt for a trip to the mall, or keep it casual with a vibrantly colored t-shirt for a sunny outing to the park. Filling your kid’s wardrobe with staple pieces can make it a lot easier for you to throw together a cute and comfy outfit for them anytime you want.

Kid Girls Polka Dot Shirts

#2 Crush it with a color scheme

Neutral or earthy colors are the easiest to match with other colors without going overboard. Alternatively, shopping with a color palette in mind can also make it easy for you to piece your child’s outfit together quickly. You can go for pieces that only fall into an autumn category, like oranges, browns, and reds, or a vibrant color scheme such as bright primary reds, greens, yellows, and blues.

Vibrant Color Palette For Kids Clothes

The truth is your little one’s bright and bubbly personality lets them pull off almost any color combination in kids fashion. So, simply have fun mixing various colors. You can even get a bold two-colored piece like our Peter Pan Collar Patchwork Flounce Dress for extra excitement.

Kid Girls Dresses

#3 Don’t shy away from patterns

Every pattern adds a dash of uniqueness to your kid’s outfit and flaunts their charming personality, making them so popular and well-loved in kids' fashion around the world. Be it a fully patterned one-piece outfit like our lovely light green Turn Down Collar Plaid Dress, or a patterned piece amongst the other pieces such as our Cotton Polka Dot Skirt or Cotton Elastic Waist Floral Print Skirt for girls, these designs will bring your little one’s adorable style to life. A handy tip is to dress your kid with a maximum of one patterned piece in an outfit to keep it balanced and pleasing to the eye.

Kid Girls Skirts for Toddler

#4 Have fun with accessories

What is more cheerful than adding a splash of color to your kid’s outfit using accessories? Simply top off your little one’s outfit with a bright pink hair clip or a sunny yellow hat, like our Fashion Cartoon Big Eye Bucket Hat. Or, let your child sling a super cute plushie bag from our Baby Girls Fashion Cartoon Shoulder Bag Collection, with furry designs of wide-eyed bears, smiling cows, and dreaming pandas. Not only will they look adorable, but you’ll also be able to swiftly spot them from a distance - which is always a big perk for any parent.

Children's Hats

#5 Give your kid choices

It’s all about having fun when you’re dressing your little one, so don’t be too stuck on mixing and matching your kids’ clothes the right way. The best way for dressing up to be an enjoyable time for both you and your child is to let them have a choice in what they wear. You can help your kid out by laying out a couple of suitable outfits on the bed and letting them pick the one they like best - this way, they take interest in choosing their clothes, yet not pick one that is inappropriate for the occasion. Kids fashion is never a dull moment when you and your child just have a good time together!

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